Lesser Known And Equally Stunning Beach Cities To Visit In Your Next Beach Vacation

beach city destinationsWhen you think about beach vacation, perhaps you always imagine popular stunning beach destinations. However, it is worth noting the growing numbers of amazing cities near coastal areas are bringing a wave of excitement to the travel enthusiasts.

So if you love sand and beach with sprawling tall buildings in the backdrop, then take a dip to these beach cities, that may not be as popular as others, but will make your beach moment a whole lot of fun while you drown your stress.

Porto’s Wonderful Promenade

In the north of Portugal you will find the stunning coastline of Costa Verde. Amidst the massive waves of the Atlantic Ocean pounding against the soft sand beaches and rocky headlands are the stylish Praia Do Carneiro.

Pace its long promenade as it winds back toward Porto’s castle walls. There, you might upend your distinct Portuguese state of saudade, sense of yearning for previous glories. Then spend an afternoon or evening on a Port winery stop for wine tasting.

A Relaxing Beach Holiday in Tel Aviv

Take a break in a modern, cosmopolitan city in a traditional country and enjoy its great Mediterranean weather and candid beach culture. Explore the well-renowned big-brand Hilton Beach near the hotel with the same name. And yes, it is full of beautiful people.

You will also love the picturesque views of Gordon and Frishman beaches. But take note, this beautiful places can get crowded pretty easily.

If you crave sand and sea with city background, these beach city destinations should be in your bucket list.