Under Visited Cities To Consider In Your Next Trip To Europe

under visited citiesIf you are planning a trip to Europe, you may be thinking of popular cities to visit. However, you may want to consider these great under visited cities in Europe that you haven’t thought visiting.

Helsinki, Finland

If you’re up for a quirky adventure, then inform your luxury travel agent you want to fly to the southern capital of Finland. Helsinki is spectacularly entwined with the bays, islands and inlets of the Baltic.

The boulevards and backstreets of this peninsula-perched city are packed with intriguing dining and drinking venues, magnificent architecture and of course ground-breaking design.

Don’t forget to sample Finnish flavours, which you can find all over Helsinki, from creative bistros to historic kauppahalli (covered market) and venerable restaurants. If you’re feeling a bit gastronomically adventurous, you can sample elk, bear, reindeer and other wildlife that find their way onto plates in Helsinki, along with specialities like tar, forest mushrooms and bushels of berries.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Just off the Göta älv river, on the west coast of Sweden, the magnificent Gothenburg (Göteborg) is known worldwide for its canals and blooming boulevards. A gregarious, chilled-out city that’s considerably appealing to both locals and tourists, Gothenburg is a prominent seaport, brimming with theme parks, entertainment venues and jaw-dropping gardens.

You’ll find locals sunbathing beside the canals and tons of neoclassical architecture lining the city’s tram-rattled streets. You’ll be surprised to find that there’s always an interesting social or cultural event going on in this very walkable city.

There’s plenty of things to explore in Gothenburg. Take a set in one of the cosy cafes and feast on the city’s local delicacies, like a delightful almond caramel cake (Toscakaka) or a crisp bread (Knäckebröd). Drop by the city’s major attractions, such as the Liseberg Amusement Park, the Gothenburg Botanical Garden and the Southern Archipelago.